Postsecondary Attainment in the US

The global demand for postsecondary skills continues to rise. believes it would be prudent to pause long enough to look more carefully at the current postsecondary attainment figures in the United States generally, and specifically in California; to see more of it’s character, to think about why it’s happening, and to take fair minded notice as to how it will affect this country and all its citizens.
In California, “fewer than 4 in 10 California high school students are completing the requirements to be eligible for the state’s public universities, fueling worries of a shortage of college-educated workers when the value of a bachelor’s degree has never been higher.”  According to John Rogers, director of UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access: “Once students who drop out or do not finish high school in four years are removed from the equation, the proportion of public high school graduates who met the UC and CSU entrance criteria in 2012 drops to 30 percent statewide, 20 percent for Latinos and 18 percent for African-Americans.”  The full article can be read here.
Given these figures, the question then becomes how do we meet the demand for postsecondary skills in California and beyond?  At we offer a solution. is an e-learning website that delivers a blended multimedia curriculum to develop core study habits and skills for Latino youth.  Latino youth and parents receive sustained coaching and training on how to competently negotiate the public school system.  By equipping both the student and their parents with the skills necessary to navigate the education system, directly overcomes the “big hurdle” identified by Michele Siqueiros, executive director of Campaign for College Opportunity: parents will not be “devastated to learn, in the child’s junior or senior year, that they do not meet the entrance requirements for the state’s public universities.”
Offering a sustainable, replicable and scalable Latino e-learning solution–“by Latinos, for Latinos”– is able to reduce the Latino high school dropout rate, increase college attendance and improve college graduation rates, by targeting a root problem: the minimal or complete absence of academic study strategies for the vast majority of Latino youth. provides the Latino student population readily available and affordable access to comprehensive and culturally relevant technical academic skills guidance and training that will not only assist the Latino students to complete their core requirements, but thrive once they reach the university level.

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